April 2014

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Feature Articles


From the President's Desk
Should We Fear Amazon?

By Minda Zetlin

April 2014

It was like a scream of rage from the old world of publishing aimed at the new. George Packer’s lengthy but fascinating piece in the February 17 issue of the New Yorker titled “Cheap Words,” asked if Amazon was bad for books and answered its own question with a resounding yes.… Continue Reading

Q&A: Steve Weinberg

By Barbara DeMarco-Barrett

April 2014

Over the years, former ASJA Monthly book reviewer Steve Weinberg has compiled a collection of novels that feature journalists as protagonists. The collection numbers in the thousands, and he loans them out at the University of Missouri Journalism School Library.

How did this wonderful collection/obsession begin?Continue Reading


The Society Page

April 2014

In March, Candy Arrington taught workshops (“It’s All about Content,” “Self-Editing for Writing Success,” and “Writing the Tough Stuff”) at the Carolina Christian Writers Conference in Spartanburg, SC.

Also in March, Viking/Penguin published Julene Bair‘s The Ogallala Road: A Memoir or Love and Reckoning about Julene’s farm family and the Ogallala Aquifer.… Continue Reading

What's In Store

April 2014

How to Not Write Bad
by Ben Yagoda
Riverhead Books, 2013, 122 pages, paperback (reviewed as an ebook). $9.99

In just the short time I’ve been reviewing books on writing, I find myself frequently fighting off the temptation to say, “If you add just one book to your collection of writing tomes this year, make it XXXX.” Despite my resistance, I think the urge is understandable. While I don’t like every writing related book I come across, it is true that a great many (too many for any writer/reader to own) provide loads of helpful guidance to even the experienced writer.… Continue Reading