September/October 2014

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Feature Articles


From the President's Desk
Unleashing the Power of ASJA’s Voice

By Randy Dotinga

September 2014

Modern slang creates all sorts of language conundrums. Take the word “snark.” It’s a verb (I snark, therefore I am) and a noun, too.

But what does one do with the thing called snark? Should it be “hurled” like a javelin?… Continue Reading

R.I.P.: Everything I’m Never Going to Write

By Bob Brody

September 2014

One of these days I was going to write a serious essay about what I call the strangers we know. Those are the people we often see around our neighborhoods or offices, but never say hello to, much less learn the names of or get to be friendly with.… Continue Reading

Letter of the Law
Aereo Fight’s Implications for Authors

By David Leichtman

September 2014

You may not have noticed it, because it was about broadcasts, but the Supreme Court’s ruling last month in the Aereo case has implications for individual writers and might affect the Google Books case. At heart, Aereo is about copyright.

Broadcasters sued Aereo saying they were illegally capturing television signals then sending them out to subscribers who wanted to watch programs on computers and mobile devices.… Continue Reading


Conference Preview

September 2014

As freelancers, we know that updating our skills and markets is an ongoing process, and ASJA has always been a powerful leader in helping members and others get the information and skills they need to be at the cutting edge of their business.… Continue Reading

Conference Preview

September 2014

The political cliché in Chicago is that ward bosses “don’t want nobody nobody sent.”

In other words, keep your cold calls to yourself. Only warm referrals, please.

Sometimes, it feels as though the Chicago way is the only way to win new clients, even in a digitally networked world.… Continue Reading

The Society Page

September 2014

Troy Anderson sold his first book to the faith imprint of the world’s third largest publishing house, the Hachette Book Group. Anderson, who spent two decades at the Los Angeles Daily News and other newspapers, writes for Reuters, Newsmax, Christianity Today, and Human Events.… Continue Reading

What's In Store

September 2014

500 Foreign Words & Phrases You Should Know to Sound Smart by Peter Archer and Linda Archer F+W Media, 2012 | 223 pages, paperback | $13.95

It’s easy to forget that, aside from Native Americans, the United States is entirely made up of foreigners or their descendents.… Continue Reading